Speidel Tank mit Logo-Inmould-Verfahren


Fully integrated

The so-called Inmould-Method allows for a logo or any other motif to be affixed to the exterior wall of the container while maintaining a completely uniform surface structure. The logo and the badges on this product, for example, were fused by means of the Logo-Inmould-Method.

You see: as for new technolgies we are usually ahead by a nose. In advertising, this is often called “leadership in innovation”. Yet, we do not think it is set phrases that count. Nor will we sing the praises of our “highly motivated team” though we would have good reasons to do so. We would, however, be pleased to show you our plant in case you wanted to meet us in person. Yet, what we wish and work even more for is for our products to bear witness to our excellence. We would love to be challanged by you with a particular task.